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Just recently added to their product line, Interlam showcased their decorative metal screens at the AIA National Convention booth in Philadelphia last week.

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Interlam’s Metal Screens are made of mild steel that is laser cut with precision to create some very unique patterns. Once cut, a powder coat is applied to each screen to give the panel a clean, finished look. You can order the screen without any sort of finishing, but you will receive the completely raw steel just after laser cutting, which will require a bit of work to finish properly. Iterlam’s screens are available in 10 guage (.1406” or about 3mm) thickness and in standard 4×8’s or possibly 4×10’s. Each screen will weigh anywhere from 30 lbs up to 120 lbs depending on the design. Custom screens are definitely a possibility, however, we ask that you have an autocad file available and exact sizes needed in order for us to get a price. Pricing custom screens may take up to 4-5 business days.

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About Interlam

We are delighted to present our full line of ARCHITECTURAL WALL PANEL products that offer a dramatic alternative to traditional flat wall panels. We offer a variety of color, texture, beauty, size and finish that allows the design professional total freedom of expression during the creative process. Interlam’s wall panels are exquisite expressions of artistic form providing a continuation of nature to free flowing open spaces either interior or exterior.

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About M3Sixty

M3Sixty is a dynamic and innovative group of design professionals dedicated to providing architectural product solutions to the construction industry. Our combination of uncompromising customer focus and industry knowledge allows us to deliver results each and every time we collaborate. M3Sixty’s promise to you is that time invested with us will yield your organization tangible results. You’ll quickly discover that our people have a complete understanding of the products we represent including their functions, performance criteria, components, details and materials.

We represent the highest quality architectural materials and combine this offering with the specific technical knowledge to assist your project from concept through to completion.