La Cantina

Pioneer in designing and manufacturing large opening door systems

LaCantina is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing large operable door and window systems.  LaCantina’s innovative and comprehensive range of Folding, Multi Slide and Swing systems create dramatically expanded interiors filled with natural light by removing the distinction between the indoors and outdoors.
LaCantina engineers and develops every component of their door systems from the start to finish.  LaCantina’s signature door panels feature innovative narrow rail and stile profiles.  By utilizing the same panels across their  entire product line, LaCantina is able to  achieve consistent sightlines and product styling for the complete and perfectly matching door package.
LaCantina’s visually appealing streamline designs allow for the right balance of glass and natural light to transform your open spaces, while complimenting both contemporary and traditional architecture.  From award-winning residential projects, to storefronts, or train stations,  LaCantina has proven to be a preferred choice for many applications
LaCantina’s door  or window systems are tailored to your specifications, whether it is just one system for a home, or hundreds for a 5-star resort project. LaCantina door systems are proudly backed by an industry-leading 10 year limited warranty in the United States.